Who I am:

I am an artist, singer-songwriter, and writer.

I was born into a cult (aka The Children of God/The Family of Love/The Family/The Family International).

From the age of 2, as soon as we could stand and talk, my brothers and sisters and I worked singing and performing travelling around the world for money for our families survival. Joining in our parents singing and performing as soon as we came of age. Doing missionary work – proselytizing for The Family, we traveled around the world singing together as a group for tips or for pay.

We were homeschooled, not allowed to consume system (Non Children of God) music or books, and could only watch movies or tv that were sanctioned by the group. My parents were uber strict and didn’t let us really fraternize with the other Family kids that much so we (my 9 siblings and I) weren’t allowed to have friends, we just had each other. I managed to build up the courage to leave when I was 21, spent the next 10 or so years doing music in various forms as a singer songwriter since that’s all I knew. I had three record deals back to back during that time and then became disolutioned and bored. I started a custom woodworking shop which failed. I then went to college which was my first real schooling experience, studied computer science and became an engineer.

I am currently working on my third album while being an engineer and am also in film school.

I like reading talking and thinking about psychology, philosophy, religion, mysticism and magic and ways we can save the planet from religious fundamentalism and extremism, racism, white supremacy, and capitalism. I talk about this stuff a little bit too much and my siblings and friends are getting tired of hearing about it so I started this website so I can talk about it, process my thoughts in an open way, and connect to others who feel the same.

My favorite thing in the world is to be out in nature. The ocean, mountains, forests, trees, snow, rain, sun any and all of that please.

My reason for existence:

As I mentioned above, I was born and raised in an oppressive and exploitative sex cult. When I got out I saw the cause of what spawned the cult (and every other cult) and what allowed it to thrive. As time went by I was shocked to find at the core of society the same exploitative system which has spawned every other system and the propaganda under which all of us toil, working for money, in some cases even as exploited children (of which I was one). This system that all of us must listen to, and look at, and engage with, and bend the knee to day in and day out. This is what I call the yoke of bondage.

My goal is to create things which challenge, undermine, and ultimately topple these systems by fostering unity and cohesiveness so that we may learn how to work together and love and respect ourselves enough to create new systems which will ultimately disintegrate and dismantle the old, cruel, and predatory ones. Freeing us all from the mental programming and brainwashing we have all been suffering underneath.

The Herald:

As a child I would be punished severely because I could see spirits and would have visions which I was told were demonic. After doing much healing and researching all the worlds religions and philosophies I have come to understand that these visions are gifts and not demonic curses. I have an alter ego named “The Herald” which channels messages from a Goddess deity and others. I was so ashamed to put these messages out there, but after some health scares I realized that time is precious and one day I will not be here. So I am putting these messages out for all the world to see.