I’ve always known that I am more than one

That I am more than one in this body. Whenever she would try to come out, to peek her head out growing up my parents would beat her back in. Whenever I could feel her coming out, my parents would say it’s the devil. The voice of the devil. “You’re listening to the devil”, it was always the devil. As a kid when I would have visions they would anoint my head with oil and do exorcisms on me because they said it was the devil coming out. 

But now I know it’s not the devil it was never the devil. It was God. It was God the whole time and she is beautiful. Oh so beautiful. 

She’s been speaking to me my whole life. I hear her in my mind, my heart, my soul my guts. And because I was taught to shove her down, I just kept doing that. Pressing her down and pushing her down in any way I could. With food, with money with experiences. But she was always there. She still is there and her preferences are not my preferences. I prefer to have sex with women for example but she requires men. They are a fuel for her. She needs them. Beautiful beautiful men. And so, now that she is coming out, I will have to change my lifestyle to adapt to what it is that she requires for existence. My purpose in life for right now is to create a bed, an environment for her to come out and to feel comfortable to manifest her to the world. And I’m so excited to see her. I can’t wait. She is coming she is coming!! And she…she has the voice. She speaks with the voice of God and of angels. She can talk to animals. She can see and feel and know things that I could never know. She uses and experiences her whole heart and soul and mind. She’s brilliant. Shining like a diamond. And I am just a vessel for her. Nothing more or less. But I have to clean myself now so that she can come out. She’s just what she is and I love her so much. I truly care for her. I’m willing to endure the embarrassment of whatever I have to do to give her a platform. To tell the world that I am a channel. Just a mouthpiece. Just a body. Just a shell. She is life, she is amazing, she is a part of God itself and so therefore she is God. She is the God that I can see and understand. There’s God the father. The creator of all things. There’s God the mother, the bearer of life. And then there’s me. Their child that has always been special to them. And every one of us has a spiritual father and mother that gives them life. And if you disobey that spirit you will die a gruesome spiritual death. The death of the spirit. The looooooong sleep. 

Everything I do for her, God willing, starts now, starts here every moment of every day. What I eat, what I sleep what I consume, what I say what I breathe what I feel, the energy she requires for her sustenance. Who I sleep with. I live for her. I am her and she is me. She lives inside of me and I will be her mouthpiece. And that’s my only mission in this life. To exist for God as a vessel as a mouthpiece. Everything else can fall away. With love I release it and let it go. You, my armor. My tech mecha. My gundam wing. You can lay to rest. You have served your purpose. You have served me well. I no longer give a shit about the lifestyle you were protecting me from and for. We are free. We are free. We are free. Free to love who we choose. Free to speak our minds and our hearts. Free to blossom. So blossom dear ones. Fly free. Fly fly my pretties. Away. Fly.

My parents funnily enough showed me the way. I come from a long line of channelers. I was shown in a vision my ancestor. He was a medium. A channeler. In Africa. A shaman. He channeled messages from the spirit of the ground. The red dirt.

I sobbed when I saw him. He lives in me. He is me and I am him. I feel him looking out through my eyes. 

He’s filled with love for humanity. He sees himself as like a guide, a shepherd for humanity. 

And that shepherd energy is the christ energy which is actually Lucifer or satan. It’s wolf dog energy.

It’s…here’s the path back to the father, back to your god. It’s not god, it’s the path. The way to god. The god that resides inside of your chest, your body your mind. Jesus came to show us the way to God. And he in himself is god in the same way that we are each and every one of us god, as children of god. 

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