Their Darkness vs Our Darkness

What does love look like for awakened people of the new earth?

Their darkness.

The time when night descends.

All deep greys and light greys, black and white. 

Mist and fog so heavy and pregnant with cold. Clouds that have fallen to earth. 

The fog clears and you can see just a hint of the earth. And there before your eyes is a frosty, flat plain of cracked frozen earth. A lone dead stalk of a tree rising to pierce the langouring and doleful scene. 

There’s a cabin up ahead. Pale wooden planks nailed together to create a cube. Inside the cabin, the sole occupant is clutching a handkerchief to her nose as she curls by the fire. She is quiet now. She is reduced to wretched silent sobs. She has screamed all that she can. Betrayal! A contract made and broken! 1 man per wife, and 1 wife per man!

The husband and wife, the male and the female, the man and the woman, enslaved the one to the other under God himself who looked down from on high as the contract was officiated. 

The contract to serve one another until death.

Indentured servitude.

Their children are driven by one desire alone…survival!

They are starved animals who take first and ask questions later. 

It is a survival instinct. An internal desire which beats the man with a flail. 

Countless religions created to keep this desire in check. 

Desire is the root of all evil! They say. But the men don’t listen. 

If they see it they have to take it. Rape, scarcity, lack, a frozen earth. Barbarism!

That is their legacy. Their darkness. 

Now on to our darkness…

Our darkness is rich, and teeming with life. With slivering things, shrieking things, chittering things. A life bristling with quiet and loud rage. Quiet and loud love. A cry of the promise of things to come! A darkness pregnant with life. With abundance. Our God does not look down from on high. Our Gods are not lords demanding obeisance. Our God lives with us. Inside of us. Inside of each and every thing.

And so I ask you this. 

As people of abundance, what should our relationships look like?

We’ve been robbed of our own tales for so long that we have accepted theirs as our own.

And so now let us break off the shackles that bind and ask ourselves. 

What should relationships look like now in this new earth?

We live in an abundant land that does not need or gel well with the European tenets of the past. They are razing this abundant earth with their barbaric and scarcity tendencies. 

Decolonize your mind. 

Let’s start thinking of relationships differently. 

Because this?

This aint it.

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