Save yourself to Save the Planet

Ever since the advent of western civilization, when the founding fathers, who studied at the great schools of Kemet, brought back their knowledge to the west, and then claimed that knowledge as their own, all of the worlds peoples have been forced to think of themselves according to classifications and descriptions created by westerners. The same westerners who lived in utter barbarism and darkness until the enlightened people of the east and south guided them into some semblance of sanity and non-barberism. Those same barbarians who were incapable of inspired thought on their own, were given a system whereby they would be able to rationalize their way through non-barbarism and to enlightenment. Classification and structured thought was given to them to aid them and help them pull themselves up by their bootstraps out of the barbarism of their many dark ages.

    The issue that the rest of the world has been facing is when those same systems that were developed and placed upon the Europeans to assist them in their thinking gets forced upon the descendants of the very people who taught them everything they know – who taught them that system not because our ancestors needed it, but as a boon to help the very struggling Europeans. That process was supposed to be for them, to help them not be barbarians and jump to killing and slaughter. The enlightened ancestors of Africa and Asia already knew how to do this rationalization and additionally they also had spirituality and other things that the Europeans didn’t know how to do and didn’t have. 

    So they took this way of reasoning and it became their crutch, their all in all. This way of rationalizing your way through to clarity and understanding and it greatly helped them and they were able to come out of that dark age. (There were other subsequent dark ages, and again their minds had dissolved into the pits once more and they had to be rescued).

    What I see clearly now as a very real issue is that you have westerners who created these groupings, naming schemes, and classifications coming upon civilizations who already had their culture and their groupings. The Europeans blasted all those away and forcefully instituted ones of their own that they just came up with off the top of their head through this process of rationalizing. 

    So they came up with it and then told our ancestors who they were and how they fit in to things in their system. And we’ve come out of the womb being forced to fit into that ignorant system. That is what I call the mantle of oppression. It’s when you have someone who has no idea about how you work, the inner workings of you, forcing you into a role of their own making. Telling me how I should take care of my body. Telling me how I should obtain mental health. The majority of trauma experts are white men who are amazing and smart but how are those men supposed to know how I operate? How I ebb and flow with the tides, with the moon phases. How I feel? They are incapable of feeling in the way that I do and they tell you that you are this or that because you have shifting and roiling emotions? That’s the source of inspiration, that’s creativity, that’s true power.

    Anyone who exists in this current day and age who doesn’t weep and sob at the drop of a hat has something seriously wrong with them. We are being forced to live in subjugation to a group of exploitative men. White people were subjugated and colonized by the catholic church as well, so this isn’t just a race thing. White people’s cultures were taken from them just the same as everyone else’s. (I’m speaking to everyone of all races and genders including white working class men. We are all in enforced slavery to a select handful of white men even if you are a white man) in a world of concrete and cars and buildings and the stench of oil having to work day in and day out either for their entertainment, or as a common slave so we can survive in this world. Forced to live in various phases of slavery. The ones who try to escape end up enslaving and exploiting their children as my parents did with us. 

    There is no escape from this system even if you go into the woods and live off the grid. Unless you take it over, but more on that in subsequent writings.

    So now you have whole swathes of people who don’t know their own names for things. That creates cognitive dissonance, that creates stress both in the body and in the mind. Feeling ostracized from your very own body, not knowing how to care for your body in a way that is more aligned with your true nature. That causes disease, that causes suffering. Both a very real soul suffering and a physical body suffering. 

    African American women are more prone to problems of the womb because the womb is the seat of our power, the knowledge of which has been judiciously stripped away from us. That causes endometriosis. Not knowing how to harness our very real energy and use it for good in a way that pleases us. Not in service to some king, or lord, or master, or boss, or capitalism, or man, but to us, to God.

    So they have to keep demonizing us because as long as we are working for them, or picketing or entertaining them or slaving for them we will never learn to harness the very real true power that burns in our belly’s.

    So we have to pick our way back from the darkness. We have to step by step learn how to harness our true natures. Heal ourselves from endometriosis and cancer and the like, because everything that exists in this current system just destroys our bodies and souls as we interact with it. It’s like handling teenage mutant ninja turtle slime every day of our lives. And to be treated like utter garbage. To be subjected to such disrespect on every side. It boggles the mind what we are faced with. 

    And yet, God put us here to go through these battles. 

    The planet is going through a process of self actualization at the moment and I truly believe that black people especially women are the legs, fingers, and manifestations of the planetary energy. When black women awaken to their true power, the planet will be saved because we will protect it with our very lives as offshoots of us.

    Save yourself to save the planet.

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