First of all I have to start out by saying that I love Shazam. It’s this app on my iphone that recognizes any song. Today I Shazam’ed a song that I thought could be perfect for a cover during my live set, “I Should Have Known It.” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, but it turns out it’s for an album that’s not even out yet. I didn’t even know he was coming out with a new album! I also Shazamed, El Sapito, Villanosam Feat. Mozart La Para, and this other song which I’ve heard a lot out and about, but I never who it was from I love this song, its “Calabria” (Club Mix) by Enur Feat. Natasja. Any ideas for a good cover let me know! Later! xoxo

5 thoughts on “Songs

  1. John Mellencamp song? “Cherry Bomb” or “Wild Night” would be hotness. You really want to do something unique for a cover? Bryan Adams “The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You”. Prince “Strange Relationship”, or to be quirky “If I Was Your Girlfriend” or “I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man”, both of which would have a fantastically different vibe with a female singing them. (TLC covered “If I Was Your Girlfriend” on CrazySexyCool, FYI.)

  2. Shazam IS awesome! Its a Very useful and innovative tool! Its going to be the first app I download to my new iPhone 4 when I cop it soon! I’m glad to hear you’ve finally discovered “Calabria!” Its definitely a song I play when I DJ in some of the clubs on Broad St. or Shockoe Bottom or house parties in The Fan in Richmond, VA sometimes. I usually chop and mix it so I can smoothly transition into ” The Anthem” by Pitbull Ft. Lil Jon off The Boatlift because that’s what the crowd likes, but I love the originals better than the samples always. Take Care!

  3. Here are two cover suggestions:–

    “A Case of You” (Joni Mitchell)

    IMO, the finest Joni Mitchell song in her awesome songbook, and perhaps the finest melancholy love song of all time. Covered by many, but I think you can really do it justice. (Or do it, “Justice” — as the “case” may be!)

    “You’re Beautiful” (James Blunt)

    A song about meeting someone in the subway should be a natural for you. Changing the lyric to “HE smiled at me on the subway, HE was with another man” might sound a little strange, but hey, it’s a great tune — go for it!

  4. Speaking of John Mellancamp. I love him .. good suggestion. But I like Little Miss Missy or Your LIfe is Now or I’m not running Anymore?? Not Tom Petty. I feel that song is horrible. But certain radio stations just wear us out playing the same old “old” artists. That album I believe drops Tuesday?

    There is another artist I could see you covering Grant Lee Buffalo.. Arousing Thunder. Beautiful song!

    Good luck!

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