5 am missive

It’s starting to get light outside, there’s mist in the air. I just had to write this little note to everyone who saw me play at Lilith. To people who love music and going to see live music, thank you…thanks for a great experience. I’m a lucky girl to be able to share my music with you. Please keep in touch and send me messages. I love hearing from you.

Lilith Fair 1

Lilith Fair

I’m going to try to get some sleep now. I have to wake up at 6am.

1 thought on “5 am missive

  1. Umm..ur voice is gr8 as commented by many..since wen did u start writing lyrics?Do u compose n tunes others lyrics too ?U hav a gud talent…The “I wonder” track is a gud one…My Best Wishes for Ur sucessful career…
    If u find a lil time in ur hectic schedule …do tune it..Hoping ur voice will do miracle in those lines..Waiting eagerly to hear frm u..
    A short test for u :
    Can u tune for these lines below??

    How pretty You were when I met
    Still the same you are, I bet
    Lyrical was I when discovered you
    Cynical was I when proposed you
    Sorted out how Love-lorn was I
    Found no love for me in your eye
    But left no hope to win you back
    My loving heart your Valentine’s gift pack

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