My day thus far

FIrst, I got myself a carrot, ginger, spinach, apple juice. It was way too sweet, I wasn’t happy with it at all. Then I took the subway to a meeting in the upper east side.

Then I took a picture of myself acting and looking all crazy after I thought of my newest goodbye phrase…”May the variables always be in your favor.” Or, it could be “May the variables be in your favor.”. Crazy.

Then I had to walk down 84th street to get to the starbucks, and I stumbled on some construction workers working on the street. The one guy was very gracious and gave me a peace sign. You can’t see it on the pic. He was cool. Such weird instruments of usage we have invented as humans. The machine he’s using just pumps the dirt hard down onto the earth.

Then I found God’s gift! A cheap Nail Salon! Only 20 bucks for a mani pedi!! I’d bring my own tools though! 🙂

Then I took another self portrait of myself. You almost see my freckles. I’m sporting the one earring look.

Had fun hanging in Brooklyn last night. I should have taken more pictures.

What’s everyone doing today???

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