Video Shoot and Photoshoot

Today we’re shooting the footage that’s going to be projected behind me in the show. I’m so excited because I’m directing. It’s my first directorial debut. Well, aside from the time I was a kid and I would direct my little brothers and sisters with our gigantic video camera…I mean seriously, a video camera with a video cassette in it.

1 thought on “Video Shoot and Photoshoot

  1. Hey Susan-
    I went to your show last night at Green House. I was disappointed to find out it was canceled. I really wanted to hear the new songs. I don’t know if you remember, but we met along time ago and i wanted to do a music video for the song “touched” and then we met a couple years later at left hook to talk about doing a music video. Well your music is still great and i’m still directing music videos and represented by Heidi Gregory out in LA (who works alot with your label (WMG) Get at me when you can, I would still love to do a music video for you.

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