Wow, nothing is working

lol, nothing is really working in my house. My printer is not working. My scanner is not working. I’m trying to upload an image to twitter, it’s not working. I’m at a loss because I don’t want to drone on and on, but it’s such an overwhelming joke all the things that are working horribly wrong right now…my new phone is also broken, I mean, broken. To the point that no one hears me. At all…

Oh well. it’s just one of those nights. I feel like I don’t want to punctuate properly. No one else does. Why do I have to capitalize properly and spell properly all the time anyway! grrr. lol All my apps are gone. Seriously gone, just disappeared into thin air! Now I can’t tweet from the road or facebook or anything. I’m sad. And it’s not letting me add them. I can’t add my 200 squats, or my Shazaam, or my Navy Seal Fitness, Or my Red Laser, Or my Tetris. I just have to let it go. I can’t tweet about my awesome day! And my secret show! And my secret Fan! And the pics I took!! Oh well, I’ll have to tell you about it another day then!

3 thoughts on “Wow, nothing is working

  1. wow…u are so breaking my heart, but i really feel ur pain. that’s okay, sometimes we need a break from the 21st century and just get back to basics (even if it’s just for a little while) so we can appreciate the life. { caps anywhere}

  2. Hi Susan

    Whenever Mercury turns retrograde I feel like all I have to do is look at something and it will mess up! Mercury went retrograde at almost the exact time that things began to mess up for you. It is actually pretty interesting and initially, many moons ago when I first learned about it I denied it and it seems to be correct.

    take care

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