The Chronicles of Justice

There are good things, and bad things, and there are some incredible things, and there are ridiculous things. At Michael Russiniks show, there was a woman performer who drenched herself in blood. I’m sorry my friends, I thought it was ridic. I mean come on. It wasn’t good at all. I want to be entertained. Like in the good old days. The days I never existed. Those were the days. The days of entertainment. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are doing it nowadays. I love it. That’s great. That’s Entertainment. And that’s all that really matters. Entertainment! That’s why I’m moving to Los Angeles. The city of Angels. I’m driving there. And I’m chronicling the way.

3 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Justice

  1. Thank u. U sound like ur falling in love again. Falling in love with life, art and the world around u. Would love 2 c u live or streamed online. Ur work is inspiring.

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