The first one of something.

Today began with rehearsing for my show, and kind of ended the same. Actually that’s not true. I met my sister and helped her pick up this piece of furniture for her new place. It barely fit in my car. It was huge. Then I bumped into an old friend on the street. I hadn’t seen him in ages. We used our “bump” iphone apps. I literally made him download it on the spot because I wanted to “bump” so badly with someone. It’s this app where you bump your phones together and it instantly puts your contact info in the other persons phone. I’m obsessed with it.

I think I’ll roll my hair tonight like I did the other day. I could have had it styled professionally, but I couldn’t be bothered. I was rehearsing most of the day, and getting it styled takes up way too much time. I’d rather do music.

So tomorrow night is the gig. I am so excited. Not only is it the gig. It’s my going away party, the beginning of the Chronicles of Justice. It’s the beginning of a new day, it’s the first page of a novel, the start of a tale, the start of a friendship, a first kiss, a fresh notebook that hasn’t been written in yet, a new boyfriend or girlfriend, a new job, a new movie, it’s an all new life. It’s the first one. Don’t ask me what it’s the first one of. I just know it’s the first one of something.

1 thought on “The first one of something.

  1. it’s an all new life!! Embrace each second Enjoy the ride ♫♪❤❤♪❤❤♪♫♪❤❤♪ I am so excited for you and thanks for sharing you feelings and taking us along on your new adventure in life..You will do wqell tomorrow Knock da socks off them!!!

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