It’s always so nice to see you guys. And another contest.

I had fun at the concert. Just Rebecca on keys and I. I’ve been doing a lot of reading actually lately, and that’s been inspiring me to once again sit in front of my computer and see what nonsense I can concoct this time. I’m going to be posting short stories and poems on my blog here. Go easy on me, but please by all means send in your thoughts. I’m focusing now on writing the song for the person who won the song contest which I will announce on monday. There’s still a few more days left so send in your ideas to
I also had the idea to do another contest. There are so many talented of you out there. What if you were to take one of my songs and translate it to whatever artistic medium you are profecient at and enjoy. Whether it’s writing, singing and playing, poetry, dance, art or whatever it may be. I’d be curious to see your interpretations on what I do. Send them in, videos, pictures, paintings etc. based on one song of mine and I’ll pick a winner and take them out to lunch if their in manhattan, or if they are in another part of the world, we’ll have a chat through webcam or something like that. Wouldn’t that be fun?
Let me know what you think.
Email me asap!

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