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Writer, Singer, woodworker, lover of Technology and the Arts.

Mild Weather Ponderings

This is my second day in LA. The mildness of the weather/vibe here is curing my New York soul subtly yet noticeably. I’m sitting outside listening to music and yet again, at the edge of my thoughts, tentatively touching upon the dream of relocating here. We’ll see.
My day was amazing. I met up with some media folks, some of whom came to my show last night, for interviews and meetings. It was great to hear feedback on the album and to hear people say they were able to relate to it. I also got an official release date, March 27th!! I nearly died when I heard the news. I am so excited. The music video for the single and title track “Eat Dirt” should be finished and out in a few weeks. I cannot wait for you to see it.
I’m meeting up with some friends in a few so gotta go get ready. Will write more later.
In the meantime I wanna know what your new years resolutions are and how your coming about accomplishing them! What are your new year rituals so to speak. Then I’ll let you know mine. I don’t really have resolutions per se, but around the end of the year I naturally start thinking about the year past and what I’d like to do and see happen in my life in the coming one.You tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine! Write me at asksusanjustice@gmail.com, or send me tweets/Facebook messages. Looking forward to hearing them!!


Music video shoot

The sun is coming up and its brightening over NYC. I got here around 6am while it was still dark outside. I’m sitting in the hair and makeup trailer getting ready to shoot my first ever bonafide music video.
Check out my facebook and twitter pages for updates and pics throughout the day! Kisses!

The Girl Who Hated Tomorrow

Forever is composed of nows – Emily Dickenson

When I was a kid, the worst thing someone could say to me was, “tomorrow”. I wanted everything to be done today. I still feel the same way. It’s so hard for me to wait for anything at all.
But accomplishments and progress can only be achieved through steps.
One has to accept the fact that there isn’t anything more to do at times.
I played at a hospital today. I went from room to room and played on my guitar and sang.
Question; if you could do anything at all today, and there were no limits imposed on you whatsoever, what would you do? Would you sleep the day away? Where would you go, if anywhere?
I only hate tomorrow when thinking about it today, but I love tomorrow if it’s a new day.

Changing of the seasons

It’s times like these, as the weather gets ever colder, that I want to stay inside and avoid the progressing New York cold. Just as things are getting busier for me, what with the prepping to shoot the music video, the signing with the Capitol records team, etc, that I need to be up and on the go. Still I can’t help being ever more cerebral, and I find myself writing much more than I was over the summer. Inspiration strikes when it may in my case, and everyday I am getting more ideas and jotting them down. I suppose the cold weather is a sort of inspiration to me. What are your sources of inspiration? It would be interesting to hear everyone’s perspective on the subject. I went to see one of my favorite DJ’s spin last night for my sisters birthday. DJ Mess Kid, and I do have to say that DJ’s are an inspiration to me. I downloaded the movie Gaslight to play for my friends since that’s one of my favorite movies. Movies are an inspiration to me. People are an inspiration to me. People who have done amazing things with their lives, overcome opposition, lethargy, passivity and the like.
I’ve been enjoying seeing all the lyric inspired art submitted by you guys, http://creativeallies.com/contests/289-Create-Lyric-Inspired-Poster-Art-for-Susan-Justice/project_brief
Listening to lots of music as well. I usually go through different phases, right now a friend told me about David Bazan, so I’m listening to him. As well as my all time favorites, death cab for cutie.
Everything is a journey, or part of the journey; I hope your journey leads you to good things.
Till later.