Florescent Sandals

Flourescent yellow shoes

I was in Sephora with my assistant Taty the other day. She was getting a makeover, when I saw this woman wearing these sandals, they were cute so I asked her if I could snap a pic. She was so sweet and said yes. They are so sooo cute.

Finds in strange places

It all started last night. I was sitting at a restaurant waiting for my sister to arrive. This guy ambles in holding a pile of jeans in his arms. He’s like “You want some tie die cut off jean shorts, brand new. 10 bucks”. At first glance I was inclined to do what I always do and wave such sorts away, but the shorts caught my eye… He had them in my size, they still had the paper covering over the buttons which told me that they were in fact new, and they were dang cute! I decided then and there I’d have a pair…”5 dollars”, I said. “Deal”, the drug addict said. I bought two pairs, each a slightly different wash.
It continued today, when on my way to a meeting on the upper east side, I discovered a hole in the wall nail salon. Mani pedi for less than 20 dollars. On my way back from said meeting, right next door to nail salon was an obscure shop with a faded sign outside; “Thrift Shop”. I entered. I was pleasantly surprised with the merchandise. The shops patrons were these 3 elderly ladies with varying degrees of interest in me. One of them mildly interested to see what this young “funky” person would pick up, another bent over some receipts and papers, and the last stared intently, though not unkindly at me as I began to browse. I immediately found two cute belts. As I was going to have them ring those up, I discovered two amazing necklaces. I thought I was done, but on one final browse I scored some suspenders. I didn’t know how to use them and started to put them on. One of the ladies began to fuss and fuddle over me and the suspenders, trying to help; the two of us trying to figure it out. We weren’t having any luck with putting them on me. This cute young guy appeared from around one of the racks and showed us how it worked. After it was on I thought I looked quite smart and I said “I’m finally ready to pay now”. The ladies smiled and rang me up. The hot guy grinned at me. I grinned back. The price tags ranged from 12 to 6 dollars. Imagine how excited I was when they said some of the items were half price. I bought 2 belts, 2 necklaces and the suspenders. After I left the shop I accosted a lady and asked her to take a picture of me with my new treasure. She said I looked good after she realized I just wanted a picture taken and nothing else unseemly. She smiled at me as she took the picture. Overall, I’d say it was a pretty happy day.

My suspenders, Tie Die, and I, On the Upper East Side