First of all I have to start out by saying that I love Shazam. It’s this app on my iphone that recognizes any song. Today I Shazam’ed a song that I thought could be perfect for a cover during my live set, “I Should Have Known It.” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, but it turns out it’s for an album that’s not even out yet. I didn’t even know he was coming out with a new album! I also Shazamed, El Sapito, Villanosam Feat. Mozart La Para, and this other song which I’ve heard a lot out and about, but I never who it was from I love this song, its “Calabria” (Club Mix) by Enur Feat. Natasja. Any ideas for a good cover let me know! Later! xoxo

New Video on YouTube/Forbidden Fruits update

Hi everyone,

I’m uploading a video to YouTube as we speak. It’s a cover of the B.O.B. song “Airplanes”. I didn’t want to be in the video alone, so my sister is in there too. We talk about how we are such misfits, and our comparisons of NY and LA. How was everyone’s memorial day? What did you do? What do you think of my new blog? Oh by the way, I got a lot of feedback from my song Forbidden Fruits after it was on the Hills on MTV. It’s not out yet, so you won’t be able to find it anywhere, but check back here and I’ll let you know as the release date draws near. Also check out my new lyrics page here on my blog, I’ll be posting the lyrics to my songs as they come out. Since my song I Wonder is already on my myspace page, that’ll be the first song I post. Till later!


I’m listening to the Death Cab for Cutie “Plans” album today. I realize that I was heavily influenced by this album while writing Eat Dirt. I was in all sorts of places in the one year that it took to finish it. Both emotionally and physically. I think I moved around NY about 4 times. Around the time that I wrote I wonder and Company, I was living in a place that I hated so much. I never wanted to leave my apartment because there were so many people outside. People selling things. I would get jostled and pushed around, even if I wanted to go to the store on the corner. I was so vulnerable at that time. So scared. At night I used to play the plans album on repeat while going to sleep, and would let it play through the night. It soothed me.
I like really like his writing style. It’s very lyric heavy, like he’s literally telling me a story And yet, I never get tired of it. It’s sort of like, when you were a little kid, you had your favorite story, and you could listen to it every night. I remember we had these story tapes as a kid we used to listen to while falling asleep. Or mom or dad, or my big brother would read to us. Or like watching your favorite cartoon as a kid. I could watch the same one over and over again. I guess music now is doing the same thing for me. Cuz I could never watch the same movie back to back! I remember the last time I loved a movie enough to do that it was the first time I watched Much Ado About Nothing. For some reason I loved that movie to death. I watched it so many times.
I love how in the “Plans” album, the songs seamlessly flow from one to the next. I’m going to try that one day.