Illumine me

photohaircutIllumine me – I pray to the Gods that be.
If mine own will should prove too weak to withstand the fires of the Gehenna of hypocrisy and lies which surrounds us all, than let that selfsame fire illuminate my way long enough so that charred and beaten that I am, I may see and crawl my way through to the true light.

Music video shoot

The sun is coming up and its brightening over NYC. I got here around 6am while it was still dark outside. I’m sitting in the hair and makeup trailer getting ready to shoot my first ever bonafide music video.
Check out my facebook and twitter pages for updates and pics throughout the day! Kisses!

Video Shoot and Photoshoot

Today we’re shooting the footage that’s going to be projected behind me in the show. I’m so excited because I’m directing. It’s my first directorial debut. Well, aside from the time I was a kid and I would direct my little brothers and sisters with our gigantic video camera…I mean seriously, a video camera with a video cassette in it.