Empathy – letter to women struggling in abusive relationships with men

In this patriarchal society, hetero men have been programmed to shove down their emotions and to disconnect with them. The only emotion they are allowed to feel and experience is anger and rage, and only the white ones are allowed to express this. This has cut most “alpha basic” men from any sort of emotional intelligence.

A lot of what we see in the differences between the gender roles are artifical constructs. So keep that in mind as you read the below. when I talk about men, I’m talking about a very basic man who considers himself an alpha or a basic 1.0 man who makes fun of “women” for having emotions and not being able to be logical. This whole argument is a fallacy based on societal and patriarchal propaganda, but the next time you’re in an argument with your hetero man and he brings up with the whole “women are so emotional. Men are so logical”. 

Just think about this.

Computers speak in machine language and can only understand 1’s and 0’s, and the basic building blocks used to signal yes or no, or 1 and zero are these logic gates. They are very logical…you starting to see where I’m going with this?

Now the language that programmers can use that speaks most directly with the machine is called assembly. It is a low level language, meaning it is closest, it is lower, you can speak with the computer directly with it. You step through processing one line at a time, and it cannot move to another line until it has completed the first line. It’s very very logical. It’s giving 1.0

Now, in modern day times, we have progressed into using high level languages, they are very advanced and it is closer to the way that humans are and think. It’s recursive and it jumps around, and you can do so much with it! So the high level languages get translated into assembly, and the assembly gets translated to machine language. 

In this scenario, God is the programmer, women speak high level languages, and men speak very rigid, logical, “must progress to the end”, low level languages.

Women are closer to God. We have emotions that we can understand and speak.

Men say “Oh I don’t understand women!” 

Yes of course that makes sense because you don’t have the ability to speak and understand emotions. Things like intuition, and empathy, and things that feel good, all come from the emotions. Emotions aren’t complicated to us. We understand them. Now you have some men who are trying their best to understand things like empathy, and to you I say you’re doing great! Continue on the path. 

Now I am venturing to say that religions, in particular the abrahamic religions, you know, the ones that tell women to remain silent in the church?

They are all for the purposes of being able to transmit such basic understandings as “do unto others” to men. That’s why they are so exclusionary towards women. But the problem came when men became arrogant and thought that their club was the shit. 

What’s happening right now is a grand awakening all across the world. The feminine principle is awakening to its power. 

There are many of us out there right now, trying to get in touch with our feminine power. Power that was silenced, downtrodden, and ridiculed since the beginning of time. 

So the next time you are arguing with your man, just remember, that his mind operates like a railroad train. He is unable to see multiple sides of the coin, and multiple sides of the equation. He thinks in a very low level binary and basic fashion.

This is why they seem to have such a handle on the things of this world. 

They look up at their sky scrapers and circle jerk to them. Meanwhile no one gives a shit about it. Not even them. I just don’t even get it. Secondly, someone like Jordan Peterson is not capable of building a building in any fashion. So why is he circle jerking and bringing it into the conversation every two seconds. He didn’t build the buildings.

If I ever get into another relationship with a man, it would have to be with the understanding that I have the wisdom and knowledge that must be respected and listened to instead of being ridiculed. 

You are able to translate more complicated streams of data and information all at the same time. 

So be comforted, and know that you are special. You are worth it. Don’t let them bring you down. Speak your mind and don’t ever stop. Because you are helping us all awaken.

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