Letter to All Cishet Men from The Herald of the Goddess

The day of the Goddess is here.

Her Fight begins now.

And to all men. You should be siding with her and enrolling in her army as her subjects. 

She will give you everything you’ve ever wanted. 

She fights against puritanism which means more sex for you.

More freedoms for you.

Feminism is a battle that everyone should be fighting – for it benefits all.

But instead you have all decided to side with the patriarchy. You are true idiots.

Pledge your allegiance to her and you will be fulfilled.

Side with the patriarchy and you will perish alongside them.

You are choosing capitalism.

You are choosing exploitation.

You are choosing corruption.

You are choosing the old, the past, the perverse, the decrepit.

You are choosing not in your best interest.

Put your pride aside.

Put aside your brainwashing and programming.

We will win this war, together, and establish a world without racism, sexism, puritanicalism, hatred, lies and bigotry.

The beginning of this war begins now.

You can feel it in your heart that the tides are shifting towards the female. She finally gets her say. Her mouth has been opened and spirit speaks through her.

Choose wisely my loves.

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