We trusted them and they betrayed us

Is it just me or is everyone really daft? 

We trusted men. We gave the world into their hands. And now look at it. It’s a grey, cold, piece of shit society which exploits people (children especially), abuses them and utterly destroys their souls. 

We are powerful enough to take it back from them. And it starts with you. If you’re a woman, I don’t give a fuck what shade of skin color you are. Start to take it back from them! Take back the power of the planet and protect it. Protect it from them! If you’re a man, pledge your allegiance in mind, body and soul to the liberation of the exploited. If you’re white, use your white savior powers for good and bow down to any woman who is doing something for this planet. Pledge your allegiance. 

And if you don’t, if you continue to spout this alpha male bullshit. You’ll probably just die alone, a sad shell of what you thought was a man. A myth shoved down your throat. A grand lie. A horrible distortion of the truth. For the journey and mission of men is to be in servitude to the great lady, the planet. 

Women take the reigns, women take the lead. We will create and birth a new world, from the depth of our stomachs, we will all be mothers. Mothers of a new world. 

I want to hear them say it. “I pledge my allegiance to mother fucking earth”. Everything they do should be for the glory of the planet. And we should be ready to lead them when they come crying to us because they fucked shit up. 

If you’re a man of color and you aren’t in an extremely powerful position and using your powers for good, then wake the fuck up. 

Your brothers are out there doing their part. And you sit and wallow in your trauma and grief, so much so to the point that it makes you crazy. You sit in your own feces. You do nothing to clean yourself. You do nothing to do the mental work to heal yourself. You do nothing to better your circumstances. You do nothing to assist your fallen comrades in this fight. You do nothing for no one and so you will experience the worst torture of all. Complete and utter exile. The tiny pleasure you receive when you find a woman to have sex with, is nothing, nothing compared to glory and pleasure and connection which you have traded in for your failure and inaction and absolute impotence. You have no value. No worth. You are a low value person. And yet you tell women they are of low value. You cannot see their worth because you have none and you don’t even know what worth is.

Your worth lies in your great mission. Which you have failed to see or even acknowledge. You are way behind, you have to catch up. Go to fucking therapy, do what you have to do to get out of the funk. The funk isn’t you. If you can let go of your mental programming you might have a chance.

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