White people need to do the most healing of them all

We are all traumatized. But white people most of all. Your ancestors didn’t see the side of nature we saw. All your ancestors saw was the fury and coldness of nature. You didn’t have abundance on your side. And so you always had to keep building fake structures. Weird protections. Raping and killing nature to make something fast since it could never be yours if you didn’t take it while it lasts. Scarcity is in your blood. And so you create these systems which are based on scarcity and taking advantage of, exploiting, raping, pillaging, when you don’t really have to. We are all saying, there’s plenty for everyone, come take, eat, rejoice. There’s more here where that came from. But they heard only the chirping of monsters, they saw someone who was other than them so they labeled them and marked them as something else to be consumed. As another type of commodity. They are blinded by their greed. They cannot see human beings. They are devoid of wisdom. They came, they saw, they conquered. That’s a sickening mentality. That’s the mentality that has us all in this shitty exploitative dog-eat-dog, vile, putrid, and disgusting societal structure. It’s trying to shoehorn a pale, sickly, fearful, exploitative, dry, boring, stick-like, dying, death-itself, skinny, pale, stick, into a vibrant and billowing, and churning and growing and going through cycles and changing and moving and feeding and blossoming, and revolving, and turning, and life-giving, circle that is mother nature. 

It’s sickening her. She is sickened by it. She hates it. She’s throwing it up. 

You are from a time when the divine mother hid her face from you. And that made you very afraid so you started doing horrible unspeakable things to her. It’s not too late for you to come back to the mother. 

All of you white people, you need to do the most mental and spiritual work of all. There’s still hope for you. 

To those who still don’t get it or understand my words the only way back for you is through natural plants.

Either weed, which makes you more passive. Or shrooms, which can show you what you are inside of here. This big beautiful being that we live inside of. 

Every single white person out there needs to do psychedelics. Hopefully with a shaman or native person who can help to guide you. 

Your ancestors were of this horrible type. but even so you have to do ancestral work and go into what your ancestors did in this country and around the world and only then can your eyes be opened and you can really start to see the error of your ways and ways you can change and really be a part of a new system. A new way of doing things that is more humane and natural.

It’s like, with me, growing up my family did a ton of fucked up shit which really got to me. We would stay in houses and then leave without paying. We conned people out of money. My parents even coerced me into asking this guy I was in love with – and they had been beaten me up for continuing to see him – for money for us all to fly from new york to germany. I really loved this guy and wanted my parents to like him. “He’s not like all the other systemites (people not in The Family/The Children of God) mom and dad, he’s a really nice guy.” With tears streaming down my face as I said it. Dad broke an acoustic guitar over me which gashed my arm open spilling blood everywhere. Sometime later, hours later after I had stopped crying and sniffling and had wrapped toilet paper, followed by tape to pin it down, around my arm after cleaning the wound. Dad said, “If this guy is so great, ask him for the money to go to Germany”. So I did. And he gave it to us. And what happened next is another story. But it wasn’t until years later that I realized what had happened. And that’s another story but my point is. I’ve had some fucked up stuff that has happened to me and I’ve been out here reconciling that. Some of the things I had to do because I was born into a cult where that was normal. 

You can look at being white as being born into a cult, and now it’s on you to break out of that horrible shell. 

You are all in therapy for the most part, but that’s not enough. Taking meds is not enough. Your spirits need to heal. Your souls have become corrupted from living in a barbaric societal structure and just going along with it. Being ok with it and in some cases trying to uphold it. Instead of standing with the downtrodden, and with the people who really know this land, the natives. So you need to know on which side you stand. Make the decision, look deep into your own heart, not what a pastor tells you, look into your deep heart and ask yourself. Do I believe that people of color are inferior to me? Do I clutch my pearls when a black guy comes into my presence? How are some ways that I contribute to and support known bigots, racists, murderers, etc etc. Because that plays into it too. It’s not just what you do and how you act outwardly, but who you support. Do you support the people who support or perpetrate war and murder? Do you support child abuse? Is there a child being abused right now near you and you aren’t doing anything about it? 

It’s time to do the work. The deep deep shadow work and heal yourself and this land from the atrocities that your ancestors committed. I am doing the same and I know countless others who are really doing the work right now as well. You’ll be in good company. We’ve started to grow as people, we’ve started to expand our consciousness, we are starting to have more overall compassion, more inclusion, more diversity. We’re on that road to social consciousness and community, and caring for the planet, and farming and gardening and all that good stuff. We’re learning about food, we’re trying to change things for the better starting with working on ourselves. And you can too. 

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